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Herbal Tisane Selections

Herbal Tisane’s are not actual  “Tea" at all, but rather blends of various herbs, dried flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds and fruits.  Because they do not contain “tea”, meaning a beverage created by infusing the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, we refer to these beverages as Tisanes.  Tisane is the French word for broth and is the preferred word in the Tea Industry for describing these brews.  They lack many of the unique characteristics of tea and are not linked with the research on the potential health benefits of traditional teas.  Use caution in consuming Tisane’s, some have been known to interfere with some medicines and to aggravate certain allergies.



Egyptian Chamomile:  The quintessential “sleepy time” tisane. Egypt is known for growing the softest cotton and the world’s best chamomile.


Blue Eyes Fruit and Herbs:  This infusion is as aromatic as it is tasty. It gets its name from the tiny blue flower petals in the blend. 


French Lavender:  We import our Lavender from France, the aroma is divine.  Makes a refreshing tisane and can also be used in the culinary arts. 


African Safari –Mango Rooibos:  Rooibos is an African plant that imparts an infusion most similar to “real tea”. This one has an Adventurous Mango flavor.


Pleasing Peach Rooibos:  The name says it all.


The Princess Tea Club:  You know you’re a princess when you sip this tea with your friends at Shady Gables.  Dried raspberries and herbs combined for a most refreshing infusion. 


Suzie’s Orange and Almond:  Yum!


Winter BalletA delicious infusion of papaya and almond.  We think it taste like maraschino cherries!

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