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Tea, like wine, gets its flavor from where it’s grown. Estates Teas come from a single Tea Plantations. They are not blended.  This allows you to taste how very different tea can be, just by where it is grown.


Darjeeling:  (Mim Estates-2nd Flush) Darjeeling is a region of India at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. This fine black tea is extremely delicate, almost a muscatel type experience. It is considered the “champagne’” of teas. The best time of the year for quality is during the 2nd Flush. (May through the end of June) During this time Darjeeling’s are incomparable to another tea in the world!


Lovers Leap:  (Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya Region–OP) Lovers Leap is one of the best tea plantations in Sri Lanka.  This tea has a delightful flavor that is astringent and lively.  This plantation received its name because located on the estate is a cliff where lovers would throw themselves over if they were jilted or if they were not allowed to marry one another.


Tarajulie:   (Assam Valley of India-2nd flush) This is a thick bodied tea with good, malty 2nd flush flavor.  Tarajulie is a beautiful estate that lies in the shadows of the Himalayan Mountains on the Brahmaputra River Plain.  Some of the forested areas on the estate are maintained to provider cover for endangered animals, so at times wild elephants and the occasional tiger may be seen.


Lapsong Souchong:  (Fujian Province, Xingchun region, China) This special smoked tea has a smooth crisp character with the remarkable and heady aroma of a pine and oak wood fire.  Legend claims that the smoking process was discovered by accident.  During the Qing dynasty, an army unit passing through Xingcun (Star Village) camped in a tea factory filled with fresh leaves waiting to be processed.  When the soldiers left and the workers could get back onto the premises, they realized that it was too late to dry the leaves in the usual way and then make it to market on time.  They lit open fires of pine wood to hasten the drying.  Not only did the tea reach the market in time, but the smoked pine flavor created a sensation!

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