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Herbal Tisane Selections

Herbal Tisanes are not actual “Teas” at all, but rather blends of various herbs, dried flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds, and fruits. Because they do not contain “tea”, meaning a beverage created by infusing the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, we refer to these beverages as Tisanes.


Egyptian Chamomile - The quintessential “sleepy-time” tisane. Egypt is know for growing the softest cotton and the world’s best chamomile.

Blue Eyes Fruit and Herbs - An infusion as aromatic as it is tasty. It gets its name from the tiny blue flower petals in the blend.

French Lavender - A divine and aromatic French import. Makes a refreshing tisane and can also be used in the culinary arts.

African Safari-Mango Rooibos - An adventurous mango flavor. Rooibos is an African plant that imparts an infusion most similar to “real” tea.

Crème Au Caramel Rooibos - A rich and creamy rooibos tisane.

Pleasing Peach Rooibos - The name says it all!

Winter Ballet Rooibos - A delicious infusion of papaya and almond. We think it tastes like maraschino cherries!

The Princess Tea Club - You know you’re a Princess when you sip this tea with friends and family at Shady Gables! Dried raspberries and herbs make for a most refreshing and pretty infusion.

Suzie’s Orange and Almond - Often customers ask us to blend a custom tea for them. In this case, our dear friend Suzie from Illinois had a favorite tea that another company had stopped making. After much experimentation we concocted a blend that was pleasing to her and most everyone who tries it. It is now our most popular tisane!